Bohemia Art Adventures


Picture yourself studying amazing local art pieces and then returning, inspired, to our beautiful accommodations to make expressive art. Soak up the visionary energy of each location with a fantastic group of creatives under the guidance of two artists with extensive travel and instruction experience. 

Picture relaxed, creative, inspired, bohemian, YOU! 


Our studio homes

Our locations are chosen for their renowned magnetism for artists, for their beauty and excitement and vibe. The accommodations may downright luxurious, may be more modest but comfortable and classy, and are all fabulous, sought-after destinations.

Explore art. Make art.

You will find yourself in a safe space to ponder, to try new things, to inspire and be inspired by our surroundings and your fellow artists. We provide an in-depth overview and fun, unique insights into selected works at local museums and galleries. On studio days, we will jump into clearly outlined projects inspired by our adventures. Who knows what may inspire you? Whatever it is, we will encourage you to create and have a wonderful time in the process!

Your hosts with the most.



That everyone is an artist.

That when it comes to art, it's all about the journey, not the destination. Same with travel, though our destinations are something special!

That you do not need experience to enjoy the wonder and healing energy of making art. 

That travel is transforming, and combining travel with art making is a natural way to expand the soul, learn and grow.

We are partners in Bohemia, an art studio in Boulder, Colorado where we facilitate art for all ages. Abby has been empowering people creatively and leading art retreats for years. Cindy has led many informal trips to her childhood home  of Paris, and has lived and traveled extensively abroad. We love bringing art to people, and people to art! 

Telephone: 303-709-8450

Address: 4919 North Broadway #7 Boulder, CO 80304

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