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It all started trudging over a bridge with my mother when I was about ten. The island in Chatou, France is the same one retired in dozens of Impressionist paintings, and for decades the site of one of the greatest "brocantes" (junk!) fairs in the world! My mom would give us each 20 francs and let us wander the dusty stalls while she treasure hunted on her own. 


Growing up in France and moving around my whole life, I've continued to be a collector of unusual objects that are beautiful or amusing to look at. I believe in surrounding myself with things that bring me joy (and are very rarely expensive.) I'm in love with all things rusty, dusty, lacy, coppery, broken chairs, bird cages, dollhouses...not to mention smooth stones, old stepstools, yellow, nests, dead leaves, and most of all, words.

My B.A. is in English Literature and French, and not long after college I started a graphic design and writing business. Throughout my life my busy hands have always loved to make things: delicious food, hand knit sweaters, funky dolls, needlepoint, costumes, and a beautiful home. I love painting with watercolor and mostly enjoy creating mixed-media pieces that center on a word or phrase that I love or that has meaning for me or a friend. My art now centers around making mobiles from found objects and nature materials.

For many years I've worked with seniors in Vermont and Colorado as the community life director. I created a painting program with dementia residents and strongly believe that continuing to create in any way as one gracefully grows older enhances cognitive and physical health. In my current position I have had the good fortune to be in charge of event planning, and have developed a love for that. 

I have three fabulous, caring, creative children who remember the "art room" where they and all the neighbor kids were allowed to paint on the walls, spill, and even track paint out on the bottoms of their shoes. I am the proud grandma of Grey, Brynn & George :)


I was a full-fledged tomboy. Scout from "To Kill a Mockingbird" was my hero, so most of the time I was in my overalls, living barefoot with dirty nails...climbing trees and creating things from old boxes, boards, sticks, lots of paint and anything colorful I could find.


Color surrounds me still in the crazy zoo I call home. Creativity is in the blood around the Sivy home where my husband Bill and I have raised a house full of (3 wonderful kids to be exact) amazing artists, musicians, and many pets on our property near Lyons, including Eloise the pig...with her herculean snout pushing at the door, letting herself in daily. Many bold colors on our walls, a roaring fire, mismatched funky furniture, candles lit and a revolving door of guests (we love throwing parties!), being in an eclectic, artistic and creative environment is an everyday occurrence for me. 

If you were to look up the word Bohemian in the dictionary, surely one of the definitions you would find is the name Sivy!


I am a graduate of Parsons School of Design in NY, NY, with a degree in graphic design.  I have created and taught unique, out of the box art projects for kids and adults of all ages, for the past seventeen years. I founded and taught the art program for troubled teens at Fire Mountain Programs and teach art at The Academy, a Boulder retirement community.

In 2007, I started the art program at a private school in Boulder. I designed children's book covers, had a line of kids t-shirts that sold all over the west and worked in production for an animation studio based out of NY. 

My  biggest passion and love has been Art Spa for Women, a food, wine and creative night for ladies that I ran for more than 9 years and led into the creation of Bohemia. I love to encourage and empower women who otherwise would never think to create based on their fear. I strive to help them find that child-like ease while doing art. Time and again I have witnessed a profound therapeutic process in people once their creativity is unleashed.

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