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The "Bohemia Queens" went above and beyond with the details, thoughtful touches, and hospitality. I love to travel but if for some reason, I could never travel again, I'd be content after this adventure. Cindy and Abby, thank you so much for some of the most memorable days I will cherish forever!! ~ Sara

The retreats challenge me, push my boundaries and connect me with myself and a band of women that are thrown together for a few days. Abby spoils us so we’re free to have FUN and also take the immersed, “anything goes” deep dives to come up with our own treasures. I have one of my large paintings up in my study to remind me of the boundless creativity that’s there in me and in all of us.


When I first made art with Abby, I was certain I did not have a creative bone in my body. Under Abby's gentle guidance and encouragement, I have discovered that I can make beautiful things-paintings, cards, hats, mosaics, jewelry and much more. And I feel great satisfaction and joy in doing it! Abby has helped me discover my creative self, something for which I am so grateful. I now refer to myself as an artist. Making art has become a creative and  nourishing time for me. Abby is a gift.


Bohemia is inspiring ... creativity, fun & community all rolled into one. Abby's and Cindy's talent & humor provide a safe & fun place for everyone's inner artist to emerge and blossom! 


Thanks, Travel Boulder for the fantastic article!

Our company was fortunate to partner with Bohemia Boulder team building artists to create a makers event at a recent employee and community gathering for women. We brought the theme to Abby and Cindy and they brought the energy, ideas and artistic gifts to us for a program which represented all that is remarkable about women and gave attendees a visual reminder of their experience. They are super fun to work with and we hope to continue our partnership to spread the world of art to all! 


When I was invited to the Bohemia team building experience by my friend and co-worker Laura-I was apprehensive about what to expect. When I heard we are going to do an “art activity” I thought “OH NO-I am terrible at art projects.” However, to my surprise the activity was so pleasurable and enjoyable.  Cindy and Abby were so welcoming and pleasant and after a glass of wine, explained to us that we were not being judged on the quality of our art and that we were simply invited to explore our thoughts and feelings about either our internal monster or internal angel and represent that in an art activity.  

I was able to create a figure that represented my years of infertility and the shame that accompanied that experience. While I have greatly healed from my years of infertility thanks to a remarkable adoption story, I still have times when I reflect on the “veil of shame” that I experienced. I am thankful that I was able to express the “veil of shame” in an artistic way in an non-judgmental and caring environment.


Mary Lea Habegger, MA-CCC/SLP

Vice President Clinical Operations-Vitality To You (V2U)

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