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Artful Team Building
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"At Namaste Solar, the commercial solar design team spends a great deal of time doing calculations and solving abstract puzzles in order to produce a final design.  At the end of the day the final design is fundamentally an illustrated story describing how a complex system can come together as a whole.  Our goal with working with Bohemia was to highlight and celebrate the creative aspect of our work through an art focused experience and the team of Abby and Cindy delivered an amazing and worthwhile experience!" ~

Sam Mason, Namasté Solar



Bohemia’s innovative team building program is a unique and exciting alternative to traditional team building. Art is a dynamic and fun way to encourage collaboration and creativity in your staff. Every event culminates with the production of a work of art, which acts as a powerful, visual reminder of your team working together. The benefits of a creative project: inspire creativity and innovative thinking, illustrate the value of working with your team and gain a sense of achievement with collaboration. The most important thing is having everyone realize the value of hands-on creativity and how it can contribute to vision and productivity in a company.


We will design an event for any size group to reflect your organization’s values, aspirations and desired outcomes. This may be a team building exercise at your workplace or as part of an annual meeting or conference. Your staff will indulge in their creativity, tell their own story and be able to recognize their endeavors in the completed artwork. Your finished work of art will act as a powerful, visual reminder of your team working together. 



Abby and Cindy created the perfect dreamcatcher party for my colleagues and me. They prepared delicious food (with dietary restrictions in mind), provided endless supplies and creativity all in a little haven of inspiration. Whether you consider yourself "creative" or not, Bohemia will show you a wonderful time and help you explore your own style. Go have fun and create at Bohemia!!

~ Kaitlyn Burkett

"Our company was fortunate to partner with Bohemia team building artists to create a makers event at a recent employee and community gathering for women. We brought the theme to Abby and Cindy and they brought the energy, ideas and artistic gifts to us for a program which represented all that is remarkable about women and gave attendees a visual reminder of their experience. They are super fun to work with and we hope to continue our partnership to spread the world of art to all! "

~ Heather Webb, HR Google Boulder


Mandala Teambuilding project,

January 2021

"Cindy and Abby were so welcoming and pleasant. We were invited to explore our thoughts and feelings about either our internal monster or internal angel and represent that in an art activity.  

I was able to create a figure that represented my years of infertility and the shame that accompanied that experience. While I have greatly healed from my years of infertility thanks to a remarkable adoption story, I still have times when I reflect on the “veil of shame” that I experienced. I am thankful that I was able to express the “veil of shame” in an artistic way in an non-judgmental and caring environment."

Mary Lea Habegger, MA-CCC/SLP

Vice President Clinical Operations-Vitality To You (V2U)

I asked Abby and Cindy to host a team building event for my company. We had the best time. Creating art together felt special and unique. My team really got into it. Abby and Cindy are art pros and know how to release a creative spirit in anyone! 

Dominika Mazur, Spotify

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