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I took a trip to Santa Fe with a friend. The idea was to decompress, destress and relax at a spa. You know, massage, meditate, sleep, eat healthy.

Most of that happened, but we had made an appointment to see Meow Wolf while we were down there.

WOW. This was a different type of relaxing.

Have you ever experienced psychedelics? If not, it is the closest thing you will get to it. I mean, the creativity, imagination and true labor of love that went into this is beyond impressive! This is not a museum. It is not a gallery. It is an experience. A true, immersive dive into these artists’ worlds. Think Alice In Wonderland meets Salvador Dali meets Walt Disney.

You are not only looking at things, you are IN things, going through things, going under and over things.

You slowly, happily begin to find your child self and embrace all of the climbing on, in, around and through(think portals). Before we knew it, two hours had passed in the blink of an eye!

All I could think of is, how much I try to help people reach this feeling at Bohemia!

Making art, creating of any kind, in my eyes, should feel childlike. I mean in the way a child just dives in, starts and flows without “thinking” about whether it is good or not. A child is simply loving the process, the journey, the colors and feel of it all!

If you can create in such a way, even if you have never picked up a brush, canvas, paper, glue, I dare you to tell me you did not find some joy in letting go and letting it flow!

I highly recommend going to Meow Wolf and getting those juices flowing!

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