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"Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty" Eric Frohmm

I can't tell you how many times I have come across people who are terrified of the words, ARTIST and CREATIVE. I admit, even I was afraid of those words for years. One day I realized that I needed to finally let go of worrying that I was "not good enough" and simply create because it FELT GOOD! It filled a void that I didn't know was there. Feeling it instead of thinking it was the answer for me. Like dancing freely, when you paint freely the intuition kicks in and expression takes off! THERE IS NO RIGHT OR WRONG, just do it. After working with countless people of all ages for over 12 years, I can say with confidence that even the most fearful person who has found the courage to pick up a brush, pen, glue, paper, found objects, or whatever it is to create with, has never been sorry. I have witnessed a release of joy and even confidence around the sheer pleasure of "letting go and letting it flow" as one 86 year old client said. So what are you all waiting for? Find some way, any way, to feed your creative soul. I'm sure it is starving for artful nourishment.

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I teach Zentangle.....and this is exactly their does not need to be an artist!!!

Me gusta
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